Landscape Construction

Hard working and high quality landscape construction is what we do. A little weathered our skin may be but don't be fooled by the look of years of hard work.


When working with our team of landscape builders and contractors, you can expect a team of qualified and highly experienced people and operators who are highly motivated and who work efficiently. As a team, we respect your property and will perform our duties avoiding damages plus tidy up after ourselves at the end of every day.


Our services:-

  • Fencing and room dividers - timber (including specialised), block, plastered finish, brush sticks, bamboo, green walls, rock, schist, block etc.
  • Decking and platforms - timber, specialised timber and customised concrete
  • Retaining walls and pillars - timber, rock/boulder, schist, plaster, block
  • Patios & walkways- rock/flagstones, pavers, railway sleeper, customised concrete, aggregate
  • Steps, stairs and landings - timber, rock, schist, block and plaster, tiles, pavers, aggregate, specialised concrete, railway sleeper, brick
  • Garden edging and mowing strips - timber, concrete, railway sleeper, cobblestone, brick
  • Raised gardens - timber, railway sleeper, rock, schist, block, brick
  • New lawns - hand sewn, hydro-seed and instant ready lawn